Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Firefighting vehicle manufacturer to develop interactive 3D training simulator.

Rosenbauer International will produce a training simulation for their high reach extendable turret-equipped fire trucks. High reach extendable turrets are used primarily in fighting airport and industrial fires. The turret is mounted on a hydraulic boom arm on the top of a fire truck, and is controlled via a joystick. The arm is able to penetrate aircraft fuselage and spray dousing agents onto fires within the plane's interior.

The training simulation will allow fire fighters to train in high reach extendable turret related scenarios, training that would not otherwise be possible to recreate in the real world, given the risk associated with fires, the cost of materials involved, and the wear-and-tear on equipment.

Following their mission to deliver innovative, high-value solutions to emergency responders, Rosenbauer's simulator will offer essential and valuable training for the fire fighters in the so-called 'hot seat,' who have to operate the high reach extendable turrets under stressful conditions where lives are at stake.

This fire fighting simulator, like our deicing training simulator, is a great example of interactive 3D simulations being used for training for mission critical situations. Allowing companies to conduct training that is safe, effective, cost efficient, and environmentally sound is a must in today's world - and interactive 3D simulations are a great way to provide that training.

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