Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kran-Simulator 2009

Okay let's have some fun today! Kran-Simulator 2009 developed by Astragon, a German video game company, is a great interactive 3D simulation, serious game, and training simulation.

The game allows users to jump into a virtual crane, take the controls, and try their hand at moving million dollar equipment around. A task you'd never play around with in the real-world, but in a simulated environment with all risks removed, it becomes a fun game. The game is an effective interactive 3D simulation that allow users to quickly learn and practice the basic principles of operating a crane. Users that have 2 joysticks attached to their computers can take the experience a step further by interacting with the crane more closely to the way real-world crane operators do.

So are all crane operators using this game for training? Well if they aren't using any simulation-based training, they certainly should be using a product like this within their training curriculum before trying their hand at operating expensive equipment. The main problem with trying to use an off-the-shelf product like this for training is that it features a generic crane which may have different functionality and/or controls than the real-world crane does. To properly conduct simulation-based training for heavy machinery, a custom 3D simulator should be developed in order to mirror the real-world operations more closely. The Global Ground Support Deicing Simulator developed by ForgeFX is an excellent example of taking a serious game like Kran Simulator a step further, providing specific models of deicers within the virtual environment allows trainees to take skills learned in the simulated world to the real world where they are needed.

Download the free 130Mb demo and check it out for yourself.


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