Monday, March 29, 2010

CNN report on simulating roadside bombs

With improvised explosive device (IED) attacks more than doubling in the past year in Afghanistan they have become the number one threat to soldiers. The US Army is turning to a training simulator to help prevent soldiers from dying in IED attacks.

The simulator trains soldiers to look for "signatures and observables" that are indicators of potential IED attacks. The training simulator uses up-to-date intelligence and data gathered at a military operations center near Ft. Eustis, Virgina. This data is analyzed and converted for use by the game development engine that runs the simulation software. This allows the simulation to accurately replicate current combat conditions, providing soldiers with valuable training.

When the safety of a nation is at stake, simulation-based learning is a clear cut choice in training. For other mission-critical tasks, and when lives are in the balance, interactive 3D training simulators lead to a higher level of success.

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