Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heavy equipment training simulators increase safety and cost-savings

If you're charged with training people to operate heavy equipment, you're aware of the financial and safety challenges associated with conducting training on real-world equipment. Using highly-realistic simulators attached to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) controls, allows you to provide your operators with a safe and cost effective training environment.

A good example of one of these simulation systems from the mining industry is featured in the Australian Mining News, March 23, 2010 interview with Brad Rouse, Director at ThoroughTec, a company that specializes in the development of mining simulators.

“Traditional methods of training meant that managers would have no option but to let inexperienced operators drive expensive machinery and accept the increased risk of wear and tear, damage, maintenance costs and potential injury.”
"The cost of removing machinery from production for training as well as the potential damage to the machine is ineffective for mine sites."

Heavy equipment training simulators are used globally by leading mining, engineering, and construction companies, transforming the way industries train their heavy equipment operators.

The benefits of simulation-based training include increased safety, less wear and tear on machinery leading to less down time and production interruptions, and an increased understanding of machine operation. In addition, training simulators can be used to evaluate prospective trainee's abilities and allow experienced operators to keep their skills sharp.

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