Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Driving simulators prove useful for new drivers

With the always increasing cost of gas, and the speed of computers, driving simulators have proven to be cost-effective and useful tools when it comes to training new drivers. These days just about every entry level computer you can buy comes with hardware acceleration capable of running real-time 3D simulations. Coupled with a USB steering wheel/pedal set and you're staff is ready to hit the virtual road.

SimuRide, developed by AplusB Software, is a personal driving simulator for beginners who are studying for their driver's license test. This home-based simulator provides a safe introduction to operating a vehicle, where students can practice their driving skills in a virtual world, without the need for expensive gas, supervision, or even a driver's permit. Drivers can gain an understanding of complex maneuvers like parallel parking, passing other vehicles, and merging onto a highway before they ever enter a vehicle.

Available in both Home and Professional versions, the SimuRide Home Edition is available for $75 while the Professional Editions cost between $800 and $1,000. For another $100 you can purchase alcohol glasses for the simulator that simulate drunk driving. http://aplusbsoftware.com/online-shop-us.html

Just like flight simulators are the natural choice for new pilots, driving simulators are a natural choice when it comes to training students how to drive a car. When training is required for specialized vehicles that simulators are not commercially available for, companies turn to simulator software development companies to produce training simulators for their operators. For example, ForgeFX developed an Aircraft Deicing Simulator for Global Ground Support's customers to train to operate the equipment:

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