Monday, June 21, 2010

Oil Drilling Simulators Increase Safety, Efficiency, and Cost Savings

With everything going on in the news right now about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s clear that the drilling industry needs to increase the amount of training their personnel receive. Interactive 3D simulators are an essential components of a training curriculum when it comes to complicated systems like oil or gas rigs - where a small mistake can lead to a catastrophic accident.

Oil and Gas Training Simulator

KCA Deutag, an international oil and gas services company based in the UK, has developed a real-time 3D drilling simulator that gives users virtual hands-on training for rig and drilling operations. The simulator allows a rig crew to train and practice for the drilling of wells in an environmentally and physically safe way. Mistakes made during simulated sessions will have no effect on the surrounding environment, serve as a lesson for what not to do, and allow operators to avoid making the same mistake in the real-world.

Oil Rig Training Simulation

Drilling Systems Limited, another UK-based company, offers their own line of simulators for the oil and gas industry. The simulators deliver operator training for well sites, wellheads, refineries, offshore cranes, and port cranes. Training oil and gas rig operators on a simulator, rather than the real-world facility, can help to reduce the risk to the environment and the amount of rig downtime – both of which lead to a more predictable bottom line.

Virtual Oil Rig Operational Procedure Training

Kongsberg Gruppen, a Norwegian-based company that supplies high-tech systems to the oil and gas industry, merchant marine, and defense and aerospace industries, offers a training simulator for the oil and gas industry as well. Kongsberg’s K-Spice is a process simulator for detailed design and verification of oil and gas processes and control systems at all stages of the process. Kongsberg’s clients report the simulator is an invaluable tool for oil rig operational procedure training, which translates into operator confidence and a increased level of productivity.

If you’re tasked with training personnel to operate complicated systems like oil rigs, you’re aware of the safety and financial risks associated with conducting training on real-world facilities. Interactive 3D simulators give your operators the ability to learn and train effectively while reducing physical, environmental, and financial risks.

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