Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I/ITSEC Serious Games Challenge

Happy 2011, here's to a great new year!

ForgeFX wrapped up the year in Orlando at I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference), the worlds largest modeling, simulation, and training conference. ForgeFX's Virtual Walking the Pens was chosen as a business finalist in the Fifth Annual Serious Games Showcase & Challenge,

Serious Games Showcase Challenge

The goal of Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is to identify innovative game-based technologies and solutions that improve training across all segments for individuals, groups and systems. Projects were awarded in Best Student Category, Best Government Category, and Best Business Category with all finalists and winners listed on their web site.

From a Team Orlando Press Release: According to I/ITSEC lead Service Executive, USAF Col. Jack Franz, the challenge experienced a 30% growth this year and included a very select group of national and international submissions.
"The Nation needs fresh ideas, innovation and technology,"
he said. The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge helps promote organizations and individuals in that quest.

Rear Admiral (Ret) and NTSA President, Fred Lewis, said I/ITSEC 2010 and this year’s Challenge has proven to be the best ever, and the quality of games submissions continues to improve every year.

I/ITSEC's YouTube channel features a collection of interviews with project developers for a number of finalists, including Greg Meyers from ForgeFX.

Virtual Walking the Pens by ForgeFX

CliniSpace by Innovation in Learning

Boarders Ahoy by Allied Command Transformation, NATO

I/ITSEC's continuing support and promotion for Serious Games is fantastic and has helped organizations and vendors connect, allowing fantastic simulation software to be developed. With the recognition that game-based learning is successful, cost-effective, and safe, there is a big demand for custom interactive 3D training software. With the cost of real-world supplies always increasing, and computer hardware always decreasing and becoming more available, delivering virtual training products is an easy choice. Organizations across many different industries are seeing an excellent return on investment through the development of Serious Games and 3D training simulations.

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