Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Flight Simulator Experience

British Airways is now offering the Flight Simulator Experience to the public. Billed as the "thrill of a lifetime", people can purchase 1-3 hours on a Boeing flight simulator, capable of simulating a number of Boeing aircraft, including a 747 and 777. Operators are given a 30 minute pre-flight briefing on the aircraft instruments and flight controls, and then given the liberty to complete everything from takeoff to landing.

British Airways Flight Simulator Experience
British Airways maintains a flight training facility in Cranebank, a short distance from Heathrow Airport in London. Prices range from about $600 for a one hour session on a 737, to $2,000 for a three hour experience piloting a 777. Customers can bring one additional person with them as a guest to share the experience, and of course gift certificates are available.

As a simulator developer, having direct access best in class simulators like this is invaluable. Companies that share knowledge and lessons learned in the development of their products become leaders in their industries by allowing others to learn from them, and look to them as market leaders and industry experts. Regardless if you're a pilot, simulator developer, or just someone looking for a great gift  - the Flight Simulator Experience is a unique opportunity for anyone to take the controls of a simulator once reserved only for commercial pilot training.

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