Wednesday, June 05, 2013

New Virtual Robotic Surgery Simulator Courses

Need to brush up on your robotic surgery skills? Then head on down to the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center in Orlando, Florida where MimicMed is offering their 1-Day Simulation-Based Robotic Surgical Training Courses. The course aims to help surgeons improve their skills at robotic surgery for the following procedures:
  • Suturing
  • Dissection
  • Needle Control
  • Endowrist Manipulation
  • Camera Navigation and Instrument Cleaning

Robotic Surgery Simulation Courses Online Registration

Using virtual reality surgical training systems, Mimic offers surgeons an opportunity to safely enhance their robotic surgical skills. They even offer online registration. Just select your profile, from Surgeon to Resident to Fellow, then choose your surgical specialty, from General Surgery to Gynecology to Urology and you're on your way to the Mimic Medical Education and Development Center.

Robotic Surgery Training Simulator
Mimic Robotic Surgery Training Simulator Courses

Training Simulators Increase Incentives & Enhance Skills

As simulation-based training becomes more affordable, medical institutions are choosing virtual reality-based training simulators over cadaver or frozen tissue-based training. In addition to the significant cost savings offered by virtual training simulators, there are a number of other opportunities they offer. MimicMed's surgery training simulator includes a head-to-head mode that allows surgeons to compete with each other to see who the 'Robotic Surgical Master' is. Combing the thrill of victory, the anxiety of losing and the necessity to master the controls, video game-like competition increases a surgeon's desire to win, and ultimately become more skilled at their craft. Contact us on ForgeFX Get updates by liking us on Facebook Get updates on Facebook Get tweets by following us on Twitter Get tweets on Twitter Stay connected by following us on LinkedIn Connect on LinkedIn

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