Thursday, August 20, 2015

Simulator-Based Training Program Leads to Increased Productivity

US Coal Miner training program achieves 12% improvements in room and pillar production

Steep declines in the price of coal have created an emphasis for existing operators to boost their productivity. A recent simulator based training initiative by an underground coal mine in the eastern region of the United States aimed at Continuous Miner Operators led to nearly one million dollars in production improvements in just 90 days. The training program targeted 16 Continuous Miner operators from eight different room and pillar mines.

Simulation-Based Training Leads to Increased Productivity
Continuous miner operator receiving simulation-based training to increase productivity.
Real world performance was measured as Feet Per Shift (FPS) with an average improvement of 12% on Continuous Miner Operator productivity. Based off the shifts worked by each operator in the 90 days following training, their increased FPS and the profitability for the surplus production the training investment yielded a return of over USD $900,000.

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