Sunday, April 02, 2006


ForgeFX is an interactive 3D simulation, serious game, and training simulation development company . We provide software development services for clients looking to create both online and offline interactive content. Our clients compete in the education, training, and entertainment industries.

It's no secret that we learn best by doing, and real-life experience is the best way to learn. When it comes to making critical decisions, the key to success is comprehensive training and feedback. In the real world, this can be expensive, impractical, and depending on the tasks even hazardous.

ForgeFX creates realistic interactive simulations that give users the ability to learn effectively while reducing physical and financial risks. We provide custom-developed interactive simulations to our clients. Whether you are trying to educate, train, inform, or entertain, interactive 3D simulations fully engage your target audience.

There are also other important business benefits that interactive 3D simulations bring to the table. A subtle, but important, benefit is that of differentiation. The internet has given people more choice than ever, making it critical that you stand out from your competitors.

With the increasingly mainstream adoption of near-cinematic quality 3D entertainment experiences, you need to be able to compete for your audiences' attention. Interactive 3D simulations, in addition to their instructional effectiveness, deliver a powerful “wow” factor that should not be underestimated. The vast internet audience coupled with the rapid adoption of 3D technologies makes interactive simulations easier to deploy than ever before.

This blog will contain posts relevant to the interactive 3D simulation industry.