Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Global Ground Support and ForgeFX Partner to Develop an Interactive 3D Deicing Training Simulator

San Francisco, CA, United States, 02/09/2009 - ForgeFX, a leading interactive 3D simulation and serious game developer, has produced and deployed an aircraft deicing training simulator for Global Ground Support's clients. The simulator allows airport ground support equipment operators to train for the deicing process with more flexibility and a lower cost than traditional training.

Interactive 3D Training Simulation

Ice, snow, freezing rain, and other contaminants can build up on an aircraft making it dangerous to fly. Deicing is a complex, multi-step process that if done properly returns the aircraft to a clean safe state.

Proper deicing is mission critical, requires a high level of dexterity and spatial relations ability, an intimate knowledge of the aircraft, and the impact of different weather conditions. The challenge is that training is costly, requires the availability of expensive equipment, and must be comprehensive, covering a wide variety of factors including plane type, weather conditions, time of day, wind speed, contamination type, etc.

Global Ground Support’s simulator, based on their model 2200TEAP, addresses these issues. The simulation allows the user to train across a variety of factors. The training simulation offers the ability for users to practice and take a performance test while deicing a virtual aircraft. The simulation tracks the performance of users and records their scores for review by the instructor. The simulation provides both an overall score, as well as a detailed score breakdown, for each simulation session. This scoring system encourages healthy competition among users while learning the correct procedures.

The operator sits in a virtual cab which is attached to a boom arm, which is attached to a truck. The operator of the simulation has full control over the 2200TEAP’s boom arm, cab rotation, truck location, nozzle settings, fluid selection, cab lights, type of plane, time of day, and weather conditions. This gives airlines the ability to train their operators without risking damage to the real-world equipment. Also, virtual training doesn’t use up consumables such as fuel and expensive fluids. Deicing operators must be careful when deicing an aircraft, since a collision between deicing equipment and a plane is costly. A collision requires planes to be grounded and flight delays - a costly mistake in reality becomes a valuable lesson when simulated.

Case Study: Interactive 3D Deicing Training Simulator

ForgeFX’s solid track record in the development of effective simulation products was key to Global Ground Support‘s selection of the ForgeFX team. Representing industry leaders such as Adobe, Pearson Education, Farmers Insurance, Heifer International, and Pfizer, ForgeFX consistently delivers interactive 3D simulations that help achieve their client’s project goals while optimizing their bottom lines.