Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All we want for Christmas is a VisCube Immersive 3D Display

The VisCube multi-screen 3D display provides users with a cave-like immersive virtual reality experience. Equipped with a Wii-like motion-tracking wand, users can interact with the simulation that surrounds them.

VisCube Enables Surgeons to Practice Procedures Virtually

The University of Alabama, Birmingham has acquired a VisCube and plans to use it to allow surgeon trainees to practice complicated operations on virtual patients before they ever step into an operating room. The mechanical engineering department plans to write VisCube simulations for dentistry, physical therapy and engi­neering.

Friday, December 11, 2009

BCIT Launches The CUBE

British Columbia Institute of Technology Launches The CUBE: Centre for the use of 3D simulation technology, taking teaching and learning to a new level.

With a US$1 million grant from Lockheed Martin and $380,000 in software contributions from NGRAIN Corporation, BCIT has launched The Cube.

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 11/02/09 -- It will transform the way instructors teach and the way students learn at BCIT. It will bring the workplace into the classroom and enrich curriculum - virtually.

The CUBE initiative places 3D simulations of expensive, rare, and leading edge equipment into the hands of BCIT students, anytime, anywhere allowing learners to explore complex components and systems in a 3D virtual world before they touch the real thing.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Game of the Show: Virtual Battlespace 2

Although it was first released in 2007, Virtual Battlespace 2 by Bohemia Interactive seems to be the gold standard for virtual training simulations. This is the project that is referenced most consistently across the various sessions at the I/ITSEC conference.

The nice thing about this clip is that the specific simulation features are named as you go through the video.

Given this is for the military, there's a lot of shooting going on in this clip, but there's also a good deal of general features that you'd want to see in any simulation creation engine.