Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Training Simulator Delivered to JPEO-CBRND by ForgeFX Simulations and MRIGlobal

UAS simulator gives JPEO-CBRND the ability to deploy simulation-based training to operators to master the controls and process involved in operating a UAV.
ForgeFX Simulations Delivers UAS Training Simulator to JPEO-CBRND
This interactive 3D virtual training simulator is designed to instruct CBRND personnel in the remote operation of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) from within a Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV). Working directly with subject matter experts (SMEs) from the DoD and Teledyne FLIR, ForgeFX created digital replicas of their physical and virtual products, reproducing all the functions the physical objects perform. This simulator, running on a standard tablet computer, gives the JPEO-CBRND the ability to widely deploy simulation-based training to operators, who can master the complex controls and processes involved in operating a UAV and all of the onboard sensors it carries. 

 The simulator recreates a CBRND reconnaissance mission featuring an NBCRV equipped with a sensor suite array and two pods, each containing a UAS. The UAS in the simulator is an R80D Skyraider drone carrying a MUVETM B330 Continuous Biological Detector and Collector payload, both manufactured by Teledyne FLIR. The Skyraider is launched from the NBCRV and directed into an area suspected to be contaminated by airborne substances. Operated by means of the ATAK application running on a tablet computer inside the NBCRV, the drone’s sensor payload helps the CBRND personnel triangulate on the position, speed, and contents of airborne contamination. 

Thursday, September 07, 2023

For Those Using Metaverse Technologies, the Impact Is Real

We are thrilled to have some of our latest VR training simulator work featured by Meta!

Demonstrating how new immersive technologies are already having an impact today, the VR welding training simulator that ForgeFX developed for StrataTech Education Group and the Tulsa Welding is expanding access for students and preparing them for the future. The positive impact of immersive technologies is already apparent, and as metaverse technologies continue to progress, we expect even more opportunities will emerge to maximize the benefits of these innovations.

Tulsa Welding School’s virtual reality training simulator, powered by ForgeFX Simulations, is expanding access for students and preparing them for the future. Learn more about how the metaverse is having impact today: https://about.meta.com/metaverse/impact/