Monday, April 22, 2013

MODSIM World 2013 Starts Next Week

MODSIM World 2013, a multi-disciplinary international Modeling and Simulation Conference and Exposition, begins on April 30th in Hampton Roads, Virginia. MODSIM World is a multi-disciplinary conference for the exchange of modeling and simulation knowledge, research and technology across industry, government and academia.

Areas of focus at the conference and exposition include:
  • Defense
  • Healthcare/Medicine
  • Engineering & Applied Science
  • Information Assurance and Cyber Warfare
  • Cross-Cutting Applications in Modeling and Simulation
  • Education/Workforce Development
  • Transportation, and Manufacturing.
The event includes a tour of the NASA Langley Research Center, NASA's oldest field center. Langley Research Center primarily focuses on aeronautical research and is responsible for a number of technology breakthroughs, including the development of the Lunar Landing Facility, that enabled NASA to simulate the effects of lunar gravity.

Conference Highlights Include:
  • Education and Workforce Development Track: “Teaching STEM through Modeling, Simulations and Games in Education”.
  • Defense Track: "Senior Leaders Perspective on Modeling and Simulation".
  • Healthcare and Medicine Track: “An Examination of the use of Simulation for Improving Healthcare Logistics, Learning, Knowledge, and Skills”.
  • Homeland Security and Cyber Analytics Track: “Modeling, Simulation and Risk Analysis”.
  • Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics Track: “Simulation-Based Adaptive Decision Support in a Shipyard Environment”.
For more information about this modeling and simulation conference and exposition visit the MODSIM World 2013 web site.

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