Monday, January 27, 2014

New Study Concludes Surgical Simulators Improve Operating Room Abilities

Regardless of the industry, whenever you are working on implementing a simulation-based solution, it helps to have research studies available to support your premise. Rather than assuming that users of simulators will benefit from virtual experiences, it always helps to have research papers available to support your ideas.

A new study released this month by the Annals of Surgery, the most referenced surgical journal in the world, is a big help when it comes to assessing the effectiveness of virtual surgery simulators. Individualized Deliberate Practice on a Virtual Reality Simulator Improves Technical Performance of Surgical Novices in the Operating Room: A Randomized Controlled Trial, investigates whether practice on virtual reality surgical simulators improves performance in real-world operating rooms.

The study was conducted by Surgical Science, the makers of the LapSim virtual laparoscopic training simulator. The conclusion of the study is that deliberate individualized practice on a virtual reality simulator improves technical performance in the operating room. The authors believe that the results of their study will lead to more implementation of simulation-based curricula in residency training programs.

This study is just one more publication that confirms the use of virtual reality surgical training simulators. Surgical Science has compiled, and made public, a collection of over 40 research papers that validate the use of virtual reality training simulators for operating room professionals. Titled LapSim Validation Studies, the report includes publications from the American Journal of Surgery, the British Medical Journal, and the Annals of Surgery.

Whether you're trying to sell, develop, or market a virtual surgery simulator, it always helps to have data like this to substantiate your project to stake holders. Being able to verify the perceived goals, be they improvements of procedural outcomes, increased patient safety, or better utilization of resources, before the entire project investment is made will help to ensure a successful project. Contact us on ForgeFX Get updates by liking us on Facebook Get updates on Facebook Get tweets by following us on Twitter Get tweets on Twitter Stay connected by following us on LinkedIn Connect on LinkedIn Watch videos by subscribing to ForgeFX on YouTube Watch videos on YouTube

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