Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Virtual Reality Training to Support an Unmanned Ground Vehicle

In partnership with ForgeFX, MRIGlobal created a fully functional, cutting-edge, virtual simulator for training on the remote operation of an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). These efforts enabled operators to become familiar with the UGV hardware and software, while also tele-operating the unmanned reconnaissance vehicle, in a simulated environment. As a result, the simulator allows effective and efficient end-user training on unique systems and limited material resources regardless of location of the trainee or asset.
Although traditional learning methods such as lectures, reading material, videos, and demonstrations are a tried-and-true means of providing technical information to learners, simulator-based instruction can accelerate and enhance comprehension of equipment functionality and operational procedures in many ways. Simulated equipment and environments give trainees “hands-on” experience before they ever touch real-world machines. Virtual Simulators also provide: 
  • Reinforced Education – Onscreen instructions prompt the user through the tutorials. This combination of reading the directions and immediately acting upon them in the simulator increases familiarity with the equipment and begins development of muscle memory that aids in response time and accuracy. 
  • Consistency – Structured tutorials ensure all operators receive the same education and use the same approved techniques in order to maximize safety and efficiency. Trainees may work at their own pace to comprehend the material. 
  • Verisimilitude – Virtual 3D visualized equipment replicates the real world with a high degree of accuracy. Audio cues such as engine noise, switch clicks, and alarms replicate the authentic experience of hands-on operation. 
  • Gamification – The application of game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts is called gamification. Using gamification in training simulators improves user engagement and focus, training efficiency, and ease of use. This directly translates into a well-trained group of operators, meeting the goal of the project.

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