Friday, March 18, 2011

ForgeFX Develops a Military Training Simulator for Dynamic Defense Materials

ForgeFX partnered with Dynamic Defense Materials to develop the McCurdy's Armor™ Military Training Simulator. This custom software solution is an interactive real-time 3D training simulator that allows soldiers to prepare for the assembly of the portable McCurdy's Armor™ system, in a safe and cost-effective way.

Military Training Simulator
Military Training Simulator

Training for Mission Critical Tasks

It's a serious business when it comes to training people for war-ready professions. These people will be asked to perform mission critical tasks where lives hang in the balance of the outcome. Military training simulators allow soldiers to prepare for their operations well before they deploy to the battlefield, allowing them to achieve a higher rate of success.

3D Defense Training Simulator
3D Virtual Training Environment

McCurdy's Armor™ is a unique Lego™-like armor system that easily snaps together, allowing for the assembly of structures to meet any need. With proper training an essential requirement, Dynamic Defense Materials partnered with ForgeFX to develop this interactive 3D simulator that trains military personnel how to assemble the armor system rapidly. Military training simulators help keep soldiers well-trained and safe all around the world.

Custom 3D Simulation Software
Training simulators improve success rates.

Custom 3D Simulation Software

ForgeFX custom developed this real-time 3D simulation software that provides virtual hands-on training and instruction on the configuration of McCurdy's Armor™. The program is a downloadable Windows-based desktop application, developed with the Microsoft XNA Framework. XNA is the programming environment and set of managed libraries, based on the Microsoft.NET Framework, that allows developers to use Visual Studio to create games that run on Windows-based computers, as well as the Xbox 360 console and Windows Phone.

Simulation-Based Training
Simulation-based training is safe.

Simulation-Based Training

Step-by-step, soldiers become participants in the construction of different types of structures, directly experiencing how the armor system works, and taking that muscle memory with them into the real-world. To learn more, please read the case study on the ForgeFX web site: McCurdy's Armor™ Military Training Simulator

If you're charged with training people for mission critical tasks, you're aware of the challenges and risks associated with conducting training on real-world equipment. Interactive 3D training simulators allow you to provide your operators with a safe and cost-effective virtual training solution. For an assessment of needs that are specific to your project, please contact us so we can review your requirements and put forward a project plan, including a technology recommendation.

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