Tuesday, August 27, 2013

GlobalSim Inc. Officially Becomes Kongsberg GlobalSim

GlobalSim, the wholly owned simulator subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime since 2008, is now officially Kongsberg GlobalSim. The name change represents a continued commitment by Kongsberg to provide virtual on-shore and offshore simulation-based training, as part of their core business offering.

Paal Aamaas, Vice President of Kongsberg Maritime Simulation:
"With Kongsberg GlobalSim now fully entrenched in the corporate structure we can offer even more value by bringing its unique approach to on-shore and offshore crane simulation into the Full Picture. Within simulation, the Full Picture approach ensures that our customers can offer integrated simulation training across navigation, automation and crane operation, providing benefits in safety, efficiency and preparedness for critical missions."
As listed on their web site, Kongsberg GlobalSim's corporate mission is:
"To provide affordable, effective crane simulation training to heavy equipment operations, specifically material handling, vehicle driving and a wide range of military operations. GlobalSim has pioneered the use of accurate physical models, immersive environments, and cost-effective technology to bring this high level of training to our customers."
Training simulators allow operators to practice for difficult, dangerous, and costly machine operations in a safe and cost effective virtual environment. Training simulators save money and reduce the number of accidents and delays.

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