Friday, September 20, 2013

Simulator Training for Weather-Based Events

One of the hardest things to train for are weather-based events since you have no control over the weather. Take for example the training of snow plow operators. In the past you would need snow on the ground in order to train your plow operators, but that's when you want your operators out on the road plowing, not working with a trainer. Virtual training simulators allow you to train for weather-based events year-round, so when the snow begins to fall you've got a fully trained workforce ready to tackle the job.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation recently started using snow plow training simulators to train their operators. The training simulator replicates slick roadways, hazardous conditions, poor visibility, hidden obstacles, and even children and animals running across the road. While the operator is training to operate the plow, the software is keeping track of their ability to maintain a consistent speed, keep their distance from obstacles, manage their fuel consumption, and all of the other skills required to safely and effectively operate the plow.

Virtual Snow Plow Training Simulator
In addition to being able to train year-round, the simulator saves the department money by reducing the amount of fuel they would burn during real-world plow training. In addition, training simulators allow real-world equipment to be spared the heavy usage often associated with training, thus reducing maintenance costs and allowing machinery to last longer. Regardless of what weather-based event you are training for, a simulator will reduce your costs and allow your staff to be better prepared when you need them to be. Contact us on ForgeFX Get updates by liking us on Facebook Get updates on Facebook Get tweets by following us on Twitter Get tweets on Twitter Stay connected by following us on LinkedIn Connect on LinkedIn

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