Thursday, April 13, 2017

ForgeFX Simulations at ConExpo-ConAgg 2017

Thanks to everyone who visited ForgeFX Simulations at ConExpo - Con/Agg 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada last month. ConExpo is the largest trade show in the United States, and this year's show spanned a record 2.8 million-plus net square feet of exhibits, with a record 2,800+ exhibitors.

ForgeFX was proud to present our virtual reality (VR) industrial training simulators to as many of the 125,000+ attendees as possible. VR-based training simulators immerse users in virtual environments, and with virtual equipment, in ways traditional screen-based simulators cannot. The combination of stereoscopic 3D, positional tracking, head-tracking, hand tracking, and real-world controls delivers highly interactive and impactful simulators that prepare operators for real-world operation. The aerial boom lift simulator that we developed for JLG was a real crowd pleaser, located at the ForgeFX booth, the JLG booth and the Tech Experience pavilion.

ForgeFX Simulations demonstrating their VR-based training simulators at ConExpo 201.

JLG Immersive Trainer

In addition to demonstrating the aerial boom lift at our booth, JLG Industries had 2 instances of the simulator running at their booth. We networked these 2 simulation stations together and developed a fully interactive multi-user environment so that attendees could compete against each other in real-time for the best score, or collaborate to accomplish tasks together.

JLG Industries, Immersive Training Simulator
Operating a JLG aerial work platform in virtual reality.

New Technology at ConExpo

JLG's virtual reality training simulator takes place on an actual boom platform complete with the controls that are used to operate the real-world equipment. Watch the first of JLG's daily recaps for a peek at their live demos, interactive exhibits and equipment advancements that will redefine the future of access.

Tech Experience

From solar-powered roadways, to the first-ever 3D printed excavator, to virtual reality training simulators, the Tech Experience at ConExpo 2017 was a 75,000 square foot immersive, future-forward showcase that allowed attendees to see what’s possible tomorrow, today.

JLG's aerial work platform simulator at the ConExpo 2017 Tech Experience.
ForgeFX's virtual reality simulators familiarize operators with machine controls and operation, while helping to reduce the possibility of mistakes and accidents on real-world job sites. VR-based simulators appeal to the next generation of trainees by providing them with cutting-edge, fun, interactive and highly-immersive training. Contact us on ForgeFX Get updates by liking us on Facebook Get updates on Facebook Get tweets by following us on Twitter Get tweets on Twitter Stay connected by following us on LinkedIn Connect on LinkedIn Watch videos by subscribing to ForgeFX on YouTube Watch on YouTube

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